"Heritage Tea Tree Conservation Program" charity initiative

"Heritage Tea Tree Conservation Program" charity initiative

Hebei and Yunnan Join Forces to Protect Ancient Tea Trees.

The Silk Road Cultural Heritage Creats Greater Glory.

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Hebei. Shijiazhuang / Yunnan. Lincang


Full record of activities

     Every year during the Labor Day holiday on May 1st and the National Day holiday in golden October, the Lingshan Cultural Festival is held as scheduled in the Luquan District of Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, in the Lingshan Scenic Area. For many years, the cultural festival has adhered to its mission of "forging the soul of the nation, inheriting civilization," striving to create a cultural exchange platform that promotes and spreads excellent traditional Chinese culture and carries the spirit of universal values in public welfare initiatives. To date, it has been held continuously for 28 sessions.

     During this year's National Day holiday, a large-scale series of charity events titled "Exploring the Silk Road, Retracing the Ancient Tea Horse Road, Protecting World Rare Historical and Natural Cultural Heritage" was jointly organized by the Hebei Cultural Exchange Association, Compassion Foundation, Compassion Group, China Health and Nutrition Council, and Beijing Jue Zhi Wu Culture Media. This event, one of the main activities of the 28th Lingshan Cultural Festival, was grandly opened on October 4th at the Lingshan Scenic Area in Taihang Lingshan.

Exciting Review.

Initiation Ceremony

October 4th


     This event received strong support from various sectors of society, including the Lincang City Government Tea Office and the China Health and Nutrition Magazine. Experts, scholars, representatives from the business community, and philanthropic individuals from all walks of life enthusiastically attended and actively responded, eagerly participating in the Ancient Tea Tree Conservation (ATTC) Program.

     During the morning's 'Ancient Tea Tree Conservation Program' initiation ceremony, representatives from various sectors explained the importance and necessity of preserving ancient tea trees from multiple angles, including the current status and the scientific research value and social significance of protection. They called for more knowledgeable individuals to actively participate in this initiative, contribute to the cause of public welfare, and aid in the targeted poverty alleviation of tea farmers in the border areas of Yunnan.

Introduction to the Ancient Tea Tree Conservation Program

     "The Ancient Tea Tree Conservation Program" was initiated by Professor Shang Benqing, a distinguished professor from the Department of Tea Science at Hunan Agricultural University. For many years, Professor Shang has led students to conduct on-site research in the high-mountain areas of Yunnan, where ancient tea trees thrive. He possesses deep knowledge of the scientific, historical, and cultural value of ancient tea trees and has expressed concern about their current state of growth. Driven by a sense of responsibility and mission as a researcher of ancient tea trees, he proposed the initiative to protect the ancient tea tree communities in Yunnan. During the event, Professor Shang Benqing, who traveled from Yunnan, first shared his years of research experience and then, from an expert's perspective, elucidated the significance of protecting ancient tea trees.

ATTC Program


Hunan Agricultural University

Professor of Tea Science Department

Shang Benqing

     Mr. Li Wenxiong, Director of the Lincang City Government Tea Office in Yunnan, attended the event in person and delivered a special presentation on the value and significance of ancient tea tree conservation from the perspective of the historical and cultural development of ancient tea trees in Yunnan.

Lincang City Government

Tea Office Director

Li Wenxiong

     At the meeting, representatives from various sectors of society, including Mr. Lu Jun, Chairman of Beijing Jingxi An Investment Management Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhao Wenxiang, President of the China Health and Nutrition Council, and Mr. Chen Xiaoping, Chairman of Hunan Yingli Petroleum, shared their personal experiences and insights gained from their years of participation in the 'Ancient Tea Tree Conservation Program'.

China Health and Nutrition Council


Zhao Wenxiang

Hua Xia Bank


Zhao Qinbo

Beijing Jingxi’an Investment Management


Lu Ju

Xin'angdong Cultural Communication


Lu Zehui

Xuyang Coal Chemical Group

Executive Director

Lu Xiaomei

Yuteng Bainuo Environmental Protection Technology


Xu Jing

Beijing Jue Zhi Wu Culture Media

The first person in Chinese Zen dance

Luo Sang

Hunan Yingli Petroleum


Chen Xiaoping

     Finally, Mr. Chen Quanzhou, President of the Hebei Cultural Exchange Association, Chairman of the Compassion Foundation, and Chairman of the Compassion Group, delivered a speech on behalf of the organizers. He elucidated the significance of hosting this event, expressed gratitude to the attendees for their involvement in social welfare initiatives, and encouraged individuals from all walks of life to actively participate in the cause of 'dedication to public welfare and the accumulation of virtuous acts and compassion' in the realm of social welfare.

Remarks by President Chen Quanzhou on Site

Speech content

Respected Professor Shang, distinguished experts and scholars, friends from all walks of life, and all members of the family:

     Today, the launching ceremony of the 'Ancient Tea Tree Conservation Program,' jointly organized by the Hebei Cultural Exchange Association, Hebei Compassion Foundation, and Compassion Group, is grandly opened in the Lingshan Scenic Area at the foot of the Taihang Mountains!

     The public welfare activity for conserving ancient tea trees has significance in the present and for future generations. It can carry history, inherit civilization, and holds great practical and contemporary importance. Particularly special is the presence of Professor Shang, an expert in ancient tea tree conservation, and the entrepreneurs, scholars, and artists who have made remarkable contributions and achievements in the field of ancient tea tree conservation over the years. Their warm and touching speeches today have provided immense support and heartfelt admiration for this ceremony. Allow me to express the most sincere gratitude and welcome to them on behalf of all the participants!

     Dear friends, Compassion Group was founded on November 11, 1988. Over the past 30 years, adhering to the principle of 'placing benefiting lives as the primary goal and benefits as secondary,' it has been consistently practicing the mission of 'serving China and realizing the dream of rejuvenation.' The Hebei Cultural Exchange Association has always shouldered the responsibility and mission of exploring, organizing, and promoting excellent cultural exchange activities at home and abroad. We uphold the spirit of 'inheriting civilization and gathering the essence of the nation' in fulfilling our duty. The Hebei Compassion Foundation, established in 1996, has been following its original aspiration with the spirit of 'dedication to public welfare and the accumulation of virtuous acts and compassion.' Our ideals have gained recognition and support from society and the general public. Now, individuals of insight participating in this cause are not just from Hebei; it has expanded to all parts of the country. According to incomplete statistics, tens of thousands of people have joined our ranks. For this cause, we respectfully refer to it as the 'Compassion Home,' and those who join this movement are referred to as 'family members' of the 'Compassion Home.' It is due to the character and principles inherent in the three main organizing units and other participating units, as well as the contributions made by experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs who attended the ceremony and the support they offered based on their experiences, that we believe our 'Ancient Tea Tree Conservation Program' public welfare activity will be a complete success and achieve great accomplishments!

     In conclusion, I wish the ceremony great success! I wish good health and all auspiciousness to our scholars and experts! I wish all family members of the Compassion Home good health and all prosperity!

     Thank you!

Ancient Tree White Tea 

Tasting Event

October 4th


     In the afternoon, all the participants attended the Ancient Tree White Tea tasting event. Tea masters prepared on-site Ancient Tree White Tea, crafted from Lincang high-mountain ancient tea leaves by Professor Shang Benqing, for the attendees.

The tea masters prepared tea on-site for the guests and their family members

     According to the organizers, participants in the Ancient Tea Tree Conservation and Adoption Program will receive a gift of Ancient Tree White Tea made from the original leaves of high-mountain ancient tea trees growing at the adoption site.

At the tasting event, attendees sampled the Ancient Tree White Tea

     At the event venue, after learning about the significant social, historical, and cultural importance of conserving ancient tea trees, the guests enthusiastically registered to adopt ancient tea trees and left their signatures on a commemorative wall.

Register for Adoption

Family members of the attendees enthusiastically registered for adoption, showing their support for the Ancient Tea Tree Conservation Program!

Signing for Memory

The attending guests took a group photo in front of the signature wall to capture the moment!


     Renowned dance artist, Luo Sang, acclaimed as the "First Person of Chinese Zen Dance," has participated in multiple public welfare activities of the Ancient Tea Tree Conservation Program and adopted hundreds of high-mountain ancient tea trees. During this event, she delivered a spectacular Zen dance performance at the tasting event, allowing all the attendees from various sectors to experience the Zen ambiance and artistic charm of "Jue Zhi Wu" while sipping tea.

Zen and Tea as One Flavor

Dancer's Zen Heart

Exciting Follow-up

Yunnan · Lincang

Please Stay Tuned


     The launching ceremony of the Ancient Tea Tree Conservation Program marks the official commencement of the large-scale series of public welfare activities titled "Exploring the Silk Road, Retracing the Ancient Tea Horse Road, and Protecting World Rare Historical and Natural Cultural Heritage" in the Yan-Zhao region. This public welfare activity is open for long-term registration, and those who enthusiastically register and make significant contributions will be invited by the local government to participate in the "Retracing the Ancient Tea Horse Road" series of cultural activities in Dali and Lincang, Yunnan, before April 2019. Participants will have the opportunity to visit ancient tea gardens, pick tea leaves from ancient trees, engage in poverty alleviation and educational assistance activities, experience the beautiful landscapes and ethnic minority customs of southwest Yunnan, and embark on a genuine "Tea Horse Ancient Road" cultural journey.