As a comprehensive international enterprise group, Cihang Group stands among the enterprises due to its unique cultural characteristics and social welfare. The group adheres to the cultural ideology of "following the times and doing well, achieving harmonious development", with the aim of "benefiting life first, interests second, social benefits first, and economic benefits second". It practices the value of "providing real services to society", evaluates the situation in business operations, actively integrates its own resources, optimizes investment blocks, and has made its own achievements in fields such as commerce, culture, and charity.

Under the advocacy of Mr. Chen Quanzhou, the Chairman of the Group, Cihang Group has always adhered to the principle of "prioritizing life, interests, social benefits, and economic benefits". With a strong sense of social responsibility and the mission of promoting the law and promoting life, we are grateful to repay society, form good relationships, and do our best to benefit all living beings, making positive contributions to the prosperity of our country, the promotion of the legitimate law for a long time, and the stability and harmony of society!

In recent years, Cihang Group has adhered to the "one persistence, one development" strategy proposed by Chairman Chen Quanzhou and President Li Changbao, adhering to the industrial operation centered on culture and services, improving the investment and return on existing assets, developing cross regional operations, consolidating and expanding international business, achieving high-quality development, and achieving excellent performance.